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Service Advantages

Service Advantages

Beijing Jingyue Logistics is a modern and experienced professional team, we are good at handling all types of emergencies in the freight flow in the most efficient way, and arrange customers' cargo transportation with the most optimized logistics solutions. To provide our customers with the most flexible, effective and best service quality in various situations and challenges to meet their diverse needs. We firmly believe that all these positive efforts make us more competitive among many competitors, and can also be appreciated and affirmed by customers.

Our advantage service areas mainly are:

Africa . Including the inland comprehensive transportation.

Special area. Iran, Iraq, etc.

North America. Including the inland comprehensive transportation.

Middle east. Comprehensive transportation including inland land.

Easterne Yurope. Includinte, Inlankomprehensif, Transspota.

More than 100 service websites in the global. Ethiopia 、 Mozambique 、 Benin 、 DR Congo 、 Zambia、 Zimbabwe 、Chad 、 The Netherlands、Russia 、Kazakhstan

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