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Business Field

Business Field

Project engineering Field:crane、engineering vehicle、Mechanical equipment and accessories

Energy Field:mining equipment、concentrate、timber、Chemical raw material

Manufacturing Field:clothing、furniture、electronics、medical supplies、Agricultural tools

Construction Field:portable house、steel structure、ceramic tile、coating painting、Waterproof / thermal insulation material

Sea Transportation:Provide comprehensive import and export shipping services including ordinary containers, special containers, bulk general cargo, bulk charter ships, etc.

Airlift:For small quantities of materials or emergency materials, provide efficient and safe domestic and international air transportation services.

Land Transportation:According to the needs of cargo transportation, we provide destination road transportation and rail transportation.

Customs Clearance:According to different goods, we provide document preparation, document examination and declaration schemes for customs declaration at the port of departure, transit transit/customs clearance, and provide integrated services.

Warehousing:According to the specific needs of customers and large-scale project transportation, we provide warehouse storage, tally and distribution services in the country of origin/transit/destination.

Multimodal Transport:For the foreign transportation or cross-border transshipment of large-scale project materials or overweight and oversized goods, an optimized combined integrated transportation is formulated.

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